X3 2.0 Wiper & Dome Light Kit Installation Instructions

X3 2.0 Wiper & Dome Light Kit 

Installation Instructions

Included in the Kit:

  1. Wiper Motor Box Assembly with integrated Dome Light
  2. Wiper Blade
  3. Wiper Arm
  4. Wiring Harness
  5. Rocker Switch

Required Tools

  1. 15/16” Wrench or Deep socket (Adjustable wrench works)
  2. 3/4” Drill bit - Step bit recommended (If windshield was purchased before late 2022) 
  3. Ratchet or Impact (with extension)
  4. Flat Head Screwdriver
  5. T30 Torx
  6. 18mm Socket
  7. 13mm Socket & Wrench
  8. 10mm Socket

Note: For steps 1 & 2, we recommend removing the windshield from your machine for ease of installation and to avoid breaking the glass.

Step 1: 

Identify hole size in windshield frame for motor shaft. 

If the hole is 11/16”, it must be drilled to 3/4”.

Step 2:

Install Wiper Motor Box Assembly to windshield frame. 

Connect harness to motor and tuck connection into wiper motor box. Remove 15/16” nut from motor shaft. While keeping the assembly together, secure it to the windshield frame using the 15/16” nut. 

Step 3:

Prepare machine for wiring harness installation.

To gain access to the factory accessory power busbar and route the harness, you must remove the passenger seat(s) using an 18mm socket with an extension, 13mm socket and 13mm wrench. Remove the passenger side console panels (including panel near front passengers feet) using a T30 Torx and Flat Head Screwdriver. Also loosen panels on the passenger side near the glove box using a T30 Torx.

Step 4: 

Route Harness from Motor to Rocker Switch Location

Route the harness along the windshield bracket and down the A pillar on the passenger side, to your desired rocker switch location through previously loosened panels. 

Step 5:

Mount the Rocker Switch in your desired location.

If the rocker switch is connected to the switch block on the end of the harness, you will need to remove the switch by pushing the plastic tab on the bottom of the switch, and pulling.

You will have a few different options of where to mount the rocker switch. (Left of the steering wheel, center of dash near the start button, or behind the shift lever on center console.) 

Remove the rocker switch blank out of the dash or console and feed the switch block end of the wiring harness through the hole, connect the rocker switch and snap the switch into place. 

Step 6:

Locate the factory busbar in the center console, and connect the power and ground wires of the harness.

Route the black and red wires of the harness from the rocker switch to the busbar. Connect the black wire to the upper post, and the red wire to the lower post using a 10mm socket.

Note: Before completing step 7, make sure the motor is in the park position 

Step 7:

Connect the wiper arm and blade to the motor.

Remove the 13mm nut from the end of the motor shaft, align the arm and blade to park on the driver's side of the windshield, then tighten the nut. 

Turn the wiper on to check for proper sweep. Make any adjustments if needed.

Note: If you also purchased the Bent Metal Windshield Washer Fluid Spray Kit, refer to th

Step 8: 

Neatly zip tie any loose wires and reinstall the console side panels and seats.

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