Can-am X3 Windshield Washer Spray Kit Installation Instructions


Included in the Kit:

  1. Washer Fluid Spray Bottle
  2. Washer Fluid Spray Bottle Mounting Bracket with Integrated Spray Nozzle
  3. Wiring Harness
  4. Rocker Switch


Required Tools:

  1. Ratchet or Impact
  2. 18mm Socket & Wrench
  3. Floor Jack

 Step 1:

Mount the Rocker Switch in your desired location.

There are a few different location options to mount the rocker switch. (Left of the steering wheel, center of dash near the start button, or behind the shift lever on center console.) 

Remove the rocker switch blank and feed the switch block end of the wiring harness through the hole, connect the rocker switch and snap the switch into place. 

Step 2:

Connect Power Lead (Shorter lead with black plug).

If you’ve purchased and installed the Bent Metal 172° Wiper Kit, you will need to run the power lead to the plug on the wiper harness near the back of the wiper switch. Otherwise, you will need to use the optional pigtail that uses accessory power directly from the busbar. 

Step 3:

Route Spray Bottle Lead (Longer lead with white plug).

Route spray bottle lead to the spray bottle location through the main grommet in the center of the firewall.

Step 4:

Prepare Spray Bottle Assembly for Installation.

Slide the bottle onto the mounting plate. Route and connect a 13” length of hose from the pump on the bottle to the spray nozzle. 

Step 5:

Note: If your machine is equipped with Smart Shox, you must unplug the sensors and unclip the sensor wires to your front shocks before completing this step.

Swap the front shocks from side to side to make room for the Spray Bottle Assembly. 

Lift the front of the machine to relieve pressure off of the front suspension and remove front shocks using an 18mm socket and wrench. Reinstall the shocks on opposite sides of the machine, making sure the shock reservoirs are oriented outward. Using the original hardware, mount the bottom of the shocks first, then mount the top of the shocks along with the Spray Bottle Assembly (Spray bottle mounting bracket ears mount in front of the shocks). Lower machine. If applicable, plug smart shox sensors back in and reclip the sensor wires.

Step 6:

Plug the Spray Bottle Connector onto the Pump on the Spray Bottle.

Step 7:

Check for proper spray.

Fill the spray bottle with fluid, turn accessory power on, and push the momentary switch.

If fluid is not spraying the windshield in the desired location, you can make adjustments by rotating the spray nozzle on the mounting perch, or by tweaking the mounting perch itself.

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