Can-Am X3 EZ Hold Door Struts

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If you own an X3 you know how annoying it is when the door swings shut by itself. Trying to work on your machine or even getting in and out while on the trail can be a pain when the door constantly wants to close. 

Bent Metal Off-Road has taken care of this issue with our new EZ Hold door shock system!

Utilizing a position adjustable gas shock and billet aluminum door bracket the EZ Hold keeps your door open with just the right amount of holdback. 

Easily access the interior without getting caught up in the swinging door. Also great for the trail where you get in and out of the machine frequently. 

Washing your machine is much easier with the doors open.

Our EZ Hold door struts also provide support to the flimsy factory door limit strap. With this system, you won’t tear the fabric strap or pull the rivets out of the frame. 

Sold as a pair.

Works on 2 and 4 seat X3 models. (Order 2 sets for a 4 seat) 

EZ install, no drilling required. 


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