Windshields for Cage WRX cages w/Roof

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One of the down sides to buying an aftermarket cage for your machine is that it can be hard to find a windshield that works with it. We decided to do something about that problem and now offer 4 different windshield options for the Cage WRX brand cages. Due to the high precision and quality of the Cage WRX kits we are able to sell a windshield that will fit your cage even if we didn't weld it together.

  • All windshields are easy to remove/install to accommodate changing riding conditions.
  • AS1 Laminated Safety glass.
  •  Built in "always open" vent below horizontal intrusion bar.
  • Baja Spec windshield can be used with an electric wiper kit (call to order)
  • Powder coated for long lasting durable finish. 
  • **Super Shorty Cages require weld on tabs**
  • Rear windshield works with harnesses and can be cut out to accommodate a Cage WRX tire carrier. 
  • Windshield frames default to a matte Black finish, Call to order other colors. 
  • ***Delivery requires signature, please inspect your windshield for damage before accepting shipment***